This Smile Is for Everyone Else

The eighth book in the Scriber Lake High School writing program series, This Smile Is for Everyone Else is the culmination of two years of students getting it all out on the page. They talk about their hidden circumstances: abuse, poverty, addiction, abandonment. Given the opportunity to share their stories, they often feel seen and heard for the first time.

All of the Scriber books have been miracles of the human soul and spirit. In 2011, Scriber students began writing what would become the first book,
We Are Absolutely Not Okay. Our message now is the same as it was laid out in the first introduction: “If you have ever felt alone, betrayed, confused, or angry, this book is for you. If you have ever come to school pretending everything is okay when really everything is absolutely not, we want you to know that there is hope—even in the darkest situations. We are real and our stories are real, so you need not feel alone with your struggles.”

Over the past ten years, more than 120 Scriber students have removed their masks through the act of writing. We hope you will connect with their stories, remove your own masks, and find strength to walk with confidence into the future.


Edmonds Bookshop
111 5th Ave S / Edmonds, WA 98020


ISBN 978-0-9974724-3-1
5.5" x 8.5"
128 pages
30 b/w images

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